GOODRAM Speed – the third dimension of speed

  • USB 3.0 interface backward compliant with USB 2.0
  • parameters: 120 MB/s read speed, 70 MB/s write speed
  • durable housing made of plastic and anodized aluminium
  • available capacities:
    32, 64, 128 GB
  • lifetime warranty

The modern, ergonomic housing of GOODRAM Speed combines plastic with durable anodized aluminium ensuring the highest protection of data stored in the data carrier. The applied USB 3.0 interface is more than ten times faster as compared with parameters of  USB 2.0 allowing transfers at the level of 120 MB/s and 70 MB/s. That makes GOODRAM Speed a perfect solution for professional applications, but also for all users looking for better parameters than offered by USB 2.0 interface.

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speed-speedsHigh efficiency thanks to USB 3.0

GOODRAM Speed is equipped with a modern USB  3.0 interface ensuring considerable speed gains as compared to previous solutions. Thanks to transfers reaching even 120 MB/s you’ll have more time being able to copy your data much faster. You can use GOODRAM Speed both in devices equipped with USB 3.0 and older versions of USB. GOODRAM Speed is backward compatible with USB 2.0 standard, but only devices compatible with USB 3.0 will let you enjoy very fast transfers.



Speed-MaterialModern design and greater resistance to damage

The housing of GOODRAM SPEED is a combination of plastic with aluminium finish, which additionally protects the carrier against mechanical damage. GOODRAM Speed will be suitable for all users who prefer practical data carriers and in the same time appreciate original design.



Speed-KeysAlways at hand

A well-thought-out design of GOODRAM Speed makes this pendrive easily attachable to a leash, offering instant access any time. Thanks to Speed, sharing precious data in a second will become a reality .



Speed-FastSolution for demanding users

GOODRAM Speed is an ideal solution for demanding users since fast transfers are required to copy 128GB of data. Original, practical and durable data carrier will prove well even in the most extreme situations, especially when fast reaction matters.


Speed-Lifetime-WarrantyLifetime warranty

Production of GOODRAM Speed  involves only the best components, and, over the entire production process, memory undergoes multi-stage tests and very strict quality control. Thanks to the above, alike other GOODRAM brand products, Speed is covered by lifetime guarantee of the producer.


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