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    About MEMORY4YOU

    MEMORY4YOU is a B2B Memory Company. We are selling industrial and customer memories for PCs (Notebook, Stand-alone-PC), Apples (MacBook and Pro) and Servers.

    We have also Memory cards for common Smartphones and (Action-)Cameras. We are also selling SSD and Power Banks (4400/6600mAh).

    All products have lifetime-warranty and will be replaced after RMA-check.

    We also provide special service like laser-marking on Flash-cards or Dataupload on USB-Sticks.

    Benefits for cooperation with MEMORY4YOU

    – fast reply on inquiries

    – short delivery times (in general 1-3 working days)

    – best offer for good quality products

    – Blister and bulk products

    – no risk for stock

    – everything from us (Memory cards/drives, SSD, Main Memory, Power Bank)