GOODRAM Cube – mini size, maximum capacity

  • miniature size
  • comfortable, revolving housing
  • made of anodized aluminium
  • shock-resistant thanks to COB technology
  • available capacities:
    4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB
  • lifetime warranty


Small sized USB GOODRAM CUBE, made of anodized aluminium, is a reliable data carrier that can be attached to your keys or kept in your wallet to keep important data, photos or favourite films always close you. GOODRAM CUBE is characterized by revolving opening/closing system and the applied COB technology makes this data carrier shock and water-resistant.

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cube-sizeSmall size, great functionality

Although the housing of GOODRAM Cube is only 3 cm, the memory can capacitate even 64GB of data! The small size is very convenient for carrying data and storing the data carrier. For example, it can be kept attached to your keys or in your wallet. The revolving opening/closing system of GOODRAM Cube adds more functionality, while lack of detachable cap will let even the most absent-minded users enjoy this data carrier for a long time.



Robust housing

The housing of GOODRAM Cube is made of anodized aluminium, which additionally protects the data carrier against mechanical damage.




cube-attachementAlways at hand

The classic housing of GODORAM Colour  becomes more and more popular among people fond of practical solutions. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, GOODRAM Colour can be easily attached to a leash and make your data available all the time. The revolving opening/closing system and cap-free solution will let even the most absent-minded enjoy this practical USB flash memory.



Durability for active persons

GOODRAM Cube takes advantage of COB (Chip on board) technology – silicon cores of memory chips and the controller were installed in one printed circuit, which was subsequently sealed with a special resin. Thanks to that, besides small size and weight, the memory gained additional, important advantage: it is water- and shock-resistant, ensuring even more comfortable use. In turn, the housing made of anodized aluminium protects also against external damage.


cube-lifetime-warrantyLifetime warranty

Production of GOODRAM Cube  involves only the best components, and, over the entire production process, memory undergoes multi-stage tests and very strict quality control. Thanks to the above, alike other GOODRAM brand products, Cube is covered by lifetime guarantee of the producer.


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