Memory modules GOODRAM DDR2

  • upply voltage 1.8V
  • frequency (speed): 400MHz, 533MHz , 667MHz, 800MHz, 1067MHz
  • available capacities from 512MB to 4GB for a single module
  • lifetime warranty

DDR2 memory modules are still a very popular type of memory sought by clients and used mainly to upgrade older computers and other pieces of equipment. Besides wide possibilities of their application, DDR2 memory modules owe their popularity to low power consumption and fast data transfers, reaching even 8500MB/s (64bit interface, frequency (speed) 1067MHz). A wide range of available operating frequencies provides a chance for application in various end-user devices and also industrial equipment.

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chips-goodramThe quality of GOODRAM memory modules

In order to ensure the top quality of GOODRAM memory modules, we cooperate only with the best component suppliers, and at the production stage we apply selected chips from recognized world’s brands.





100procent-testedFactory tests

Thanks to multistage quality control and thorough testing of each memory produced under GOODRAM brand, we are sure that the memory modules reaching our clients are very reliable and characterized by top quality.

ddr3-dimm-lifetime-warrantyLifetime warranty*

We make every effort to ensure compliance of each memory modules reaching the end of our production line with the strictest quality standards, which is confirmed by lifetime guarantee for all GOODRAM brand memory modules.

* Excluding Germany, France and Austria, where 10 years of warranty


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