GOODRAM PRO Memory Modules

  • supply voltage 1.65 V
  • frequency (speed): from 2000 MHz to 2400 MHz
  • available capacities from 4 GB to 8 GB for a single module
  • available in Single, Dual and Triple channel
  • XMP profile ready
  • lifetime guarantee


The modules from prestigious GOODRAM PRO line are designed especially for the most demanding PC users, such as overclockers, players, architects or graphic designers requiring the highest efficiency from their PC. GOODRAM PRO memory series includes modules with the frequency from 2000 MHz, through 2133 MHz and the fastest reaching even 2400 MHz and the capacities of 4 and 8 GB in single, dual and triple channel configurations. Application of 8-layer PCB and selected memory chips guarantees maximum use of the entire potential of the computer.

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ddr3-pro-blue-triplePRO performance

Thanks to high frequency (speed) of GOODRAM PRO memory modules and a wide range of available capacities and configurations (single, dual and triple channel), PRO series memory fulfils expectations of both overclockers and also users expecting the highest operating parameters  from their PC. That is why, besides overclockers, GOODRAM PRO are recommended to computer graphic artists, designers and gamers.




pro-pcb8-layer PCB

Especially designed, 8-layer PCB circuit guarantees very good signal integrity and what follows higher operating speed of GOODRAM PRO series memory modules




chips-hynix-micronSelected components

Only selected components are used at production of PRO series memory. The highest quality, assured by the world’s renown memory chip producers, guarantees reliability and stability of prestigious GOODRAM PRO memory series.




100procent-testedFactory tests

Thanks to multistage quality control and thorough testing of each memory produced under GOODRAM brand, we are sure that the memory modules reaching our clients are very reliable and characterized by top quality.


pro-lifetime-warrantyLifetime warranty*

We make every effort to ensure compliance of each memory modules reaching the end of our production line with the strictest quality standards, which is confirmed by lifetime guarantee for all GOODRAM brand memory modules.

* Excluding Germany, France and Austria where 10 years

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