GOODRAM memory modules for servers

  • available memory types: ECC, RDIMM, BDIMM, LRDIMM
  • selected components
  • reliable and durable
  • proven quality
  • lifetime guarantee

GOODRAM brand server memory, intended to be applied in workstations and servers, is a solution that fulfils the requirements for equipment whose stability is one of the key elements.

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GOODRAM ECC memory modules

System stability and safe operation ensured thanks to application of ECC memory has special importance for Workstation type computers and servers. The data correction function is not reserved only to server solutions and proves well also in the case of end user segment motherboards with AMD chipset. Additional advantages of memory are operating stability, memory patrol mechanism, and thanks to application of selected chips – top manufacturing quality.

GOODRAM RDIMM memory modules

RDIMM (Registered DIMM or ECC REG) is a memory module, which, besides ECC mechanism, has additionally a built-in register. It is used for strengthening signal at system bus between DRAM modules and the memory controller. The register function allows stable system operation with a greater number of modules than usually applied. The structure of RDIMM differs from standard PC memory. They are intended for systems, where amount of memory and its stability have key importance. The majority of platforms is compatible with both ECC and ECC REG memory, although the two types cannot be mixed together.

GOODRAM FBDIMM memory modules

FBDIMM (Full Buffered) is the type of memory available only in DDR2 technology. The memory has a built-in memory controller called Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB). Thanks to application of serial communication, the controller reduces load of data bus and address bus. In this architecture data are stored in the module via ABM. Motherboards for FBDIMM solutions are designed in a different way than ECC REG memory. That is why, it is not possible to use two different types of memory in one motherboard. As a result of intensive operation of the controller, FBDIMM dissipates much heat and hence radiators are required for this memory. Due to its construction, they must be installed in pairs.

GOODRAM LRDIMM memory modules

LRDIMM modules (Load Reduced DIMM) is a new type of memory, which is a continuation of FBDIMM modules. What’s more, LRDIMM/RDIMM memory can be used in the same platforms, although servers can accommodate more LRDIMM than RDIMM memory. Currently, greater single capacities of LRDIMM  than RDIMM are available (64GB as compared with 32GB) and with full computer load, LRDIMM memory can operate at higher clock rates than RDIMM. For example, in the case of double processor motherboards, it is possible to use as much as 384GB of LRDIMM memory and only 192GB of DIMM.


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