GOODRAM SSD C50 – SSD for everyone

  • the best price to quality ratio
  • low power consumption
  • brand Flash components
  • capacities: 60, 120, 240 GB
  • 3 years guarantee

GOODRAM SSD C50 were equipped with durable Toshiba MLC memory chips, PS3108  controller and up to 512 MB DDR3. In the same time, solid state drives from C50 series are likely to be the most economic SSD in the market! The drives were equipped with C3108 controller, which in comparison with other popular SSD solutions, can handle incompressible files, such as HD quality films much more efficiently

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ssd-gr-planeFaster, more comfortable and efficient

Move ahead! Make your computer work more comfortable and even more efficient thanks to GOODRAM SSD C100 equipped with Toshiba Flash memory and a modern Phison S3108 controller.





ssd-gr-02-enExtended battery life of your laptop

Gain precious time during work on battery power thanks to efficient GOODRAM C series Solid State Drive. Its power consumption is even a few times lower as compared with standard hard drives.





ssd-gr-03-enIdeal compromise between the price and quality

GOODRAM C series Solid State Drives were designed for both home users and professionals using computer in application demanding high efficiency, such as video rendering, music composition or advanced graphic work. GOODRAM C Solid State Drives is also a perfect solution for gamers and users who want to improve efficiency of their PC at affordable price.



Time is money. Save it!

Regardless of the fact whether you are using your computer at work, during an important academic project or simply playing games – every saved minute matters! So don’t hesitate and exchange your old hard drive for a modern Solid State Drive, which will save your precious time and money!





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