GOODRAM C100 Solid State Drives – S(tability) S(peed) D(urability)

  • ast and universal
  • available capacities: 120, 240 and 480 GB
  • high read and write parameters
  • top quality components
  • 3 years guarantee

GOODRAM Solid State Drives of C100 series were built on the basis of SATA III interface and MLC memory chips. Drives were equipped with PS3108 controller, which handles the files that cannot be compressed e.g. HD quality movies even more efficiently than other popular solutions applied in SSD drives. The new SSD, offered by  GOODRAM, allow reaching high real read and write parameters at the level of 520 MB/s (read speed) and 470 MB/s (write speed) while application of even up to 512 MB of DDR3 considerably enhances durability and reliability of the SSD. These drives will be applicable in modern ultrabooks and other mobile devices.