GOODRAM Power Bank P661 – energy always at hand!

  • backup source of energy
  • ideal for smartphones and tablets
  • 6600 mAh battery
  • 2 outputs 5 V: 1 and 2,1 A
  • overload protection
  • more than 500 charging cycles
  • LED indicators
  • 2 years guarantee

GOODRAM Power Bank P661 is a portable battery for tablets and smartphones. The device can be used as a backup source of energy – it will charge the battery of every mobile device equipped with a USB port. Power Bank is equipped with a LED charging status indicator and an overload protection system. It is encapsulated in a stylish, white housing.

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powerbank661-introHigh efficiency and durability

GOODRAM Power Bank P661 means quality and style in the best edition. Its built-in advanced microprocessor that controls charging process effectively protects the Power Bank and mobile devices by controlling voltage, temperature and charging intensity. The device is compatible with mobile phones, smartphones and other pieces of equipment with the charging current of 5V.



powerbank661-outputsTwo Outputs – twice as much possibilities

The newest GOODRAM Power Bank is equipped with 6600 mAh battery and 2 outputs 5 V: 1 and 2,1 A. the first one will allow you to charge small devices like mobile phones, the second one is perfect for tablets and other 2,1 A devices.

powerbank661-ledLED indicators

The device’s LED blinks red during charging. Blue LED signals that the device is fully charged, when you can safely disconnect the charging device.





Production of GOODRAM products involves only the best components and very strict quality control. Thanks to the above, alike other GOODRAM Power Bank is covered by 2 years warranty of the producer.


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